Rethinking Compensation In Small Law Firms

What if you didn't compensate lawyers based on hours or seniority? What if you paid everyone (partners, associates, paralegals...everyone) the same way? What if you paid by task?

Join me, Jared Jaskot, and Eva Cockerham of Jaskot Law, and learn how they have created an entirely new way to structure compensation in their firm. Not points. Not billables. Not seniority.

Instead, they've created a value-based compensation system designed to align client/firm interests and really motivate members of the firm. And we spend a few moments at the end talking about  Jared's intake chatbots as well!



What's Up Next At The Coffeehouse?

Recruiting, Hiring, & Supporting  Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in the Legal Profession


We're shaking things up next time on the Virtual Coffeehouse. I am hosting a panel on recruiting, hiring, and supporting lawyers and other employees who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour.

I am not remotely qualified to talk about this. Instead, I’m giving my microphone to some really incredible women who are!

I’ll be joined by Naomi Sayers, Simone Akyianu, Lorna Fadden, and Stephanie Bishop.

If you’re wondering how you can provide better support for your team, be a strong ally for BIPOC lawyers, or increase the diversity in your firm, or if you just want a much better understanding of the lived experience of Indigenous and Black lawyers right now, please join us.

Don't miss this one!

Wednesday, August 5, 2 p.m. Eastern.

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